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My employer had promised me a promotion, but it never happened. When I took the Crown Financial class I learned that God is in control and the One that I should work for Him. Instead of resenting my employer, I focused on improving my attitude. Within a few weeks (and a lot of prayer by the class) I received my promotion!

My husband made good money, but we spent it unwisely. After taking the Crown Financial class, we were convinced we needed to pay off our debts and save some money. We had just achieved that goal when my husband lost his job in May. We are so thankful to David Toussaint for encouraging us to take that class because God prepared us for that event.

Both my husband and I had been through bankruptcy before being married to each other. Now, together, we were heading down that path again. We finally decided to take the Crown Financial class at our church. About mid-way through, I remember telling David Toussaint that I believed we were going to make it now. Today, we are even more solid in our relationship and we’re managing our finances God’s way.