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Chaplains at Work understands what you’re going through… and realizes that these difficulties test faith during hard times. If you are facing financial or career challenges, we have tools and resources to help you navigate this time of change as you work to rebuild your life.

Chaplains at Work is a network of God-centered chaplains who have the passion and training to help people facing life’s difficulties. Our interdenominational ministry provides several faith-based services, including:

  • Financial education: classes and workshops
  • Confidential debt coaching and consultations
  • Career transition consultations
  • Referrals to other professionals and agencies

We’ll help equip you with the personal and professional skills you need to step forward—and toward God as you transition to the next chapter of your life.


My employer had promised me a promotion, but it never happened. When I took the Crown Financial class I learned that God is in control and the One that I should work for Him. Instead of resenting my employer, I focused on improving my attitude. Within a few weeks (and a lot of prayer by […]

- Cherie

My husband made good money, but we spent it unwisely. After taking the Crown Financial class, we were convinced we needed to pay off our debts and save some money. We had just achieved that goal when my husband lost his job in May. We are so thankful to David Toussaint for encouraging us to […]

- Susan